About me

Let me introduce myself a bit

Marija Asanovic

I am a graduated therapist and a member of European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT). In the spirit of Gestalt Psychotherapy, I believe in integration of knowledge from various therapeutic and philosophical schools. As a therapist and a human being (which are inseparable) I want to permanently grow and learn. Learn from people, colleagues, friends, clients. In a therapeutic relationship both sides grow, the client and the therapist. Each client is special and brings something new that the therapist needs to accept. The life of every client is a new story we need to respect. That is the credo of psychotherapy. The famous psychotherapist, psychiatrist and writer, Irvin Yalom, gave a perfect example of a psychotherapist and his/her attitude towards his/her work in one of his books. He says (I am paraphrasing): I talked to a friend and colleague of mine about how much we love our jobs and I told him that I love it so much that I would do it for free, and he enthusiastically replied that he knows what I am talking about because he loves it so much that he would pay to do it. Therapy is not free, of course, the point is in the personality of a therapist who has something to offer to clients - professional knowledge and the capacity to understand, empathize and hold them - and that is much more important than the name of the particular school of therapy within which the therapist works.